Introducing Nünchi 'Milky Fruity' Delights

This special release contains two flavors in one box - recreating the experience of a Nünchi jelly cake. SF Milkman coconut water (Milky) and Chino Farms Albion strawberry + yuzu (Fruity). Infused with Hudson Hemp Lifter flower rosin. These Delights were made to be squished together so you can taste “milky” and “fruity” in one bite.

Chef Manu Buffara Blueberry Caipirinha

The flavors of Monterey, California and the Serra do Mar rainforest of South Brazil in a Summer Delights recipe from Chef Manu Buffara, of restaurant Manu. Coastal Moon blueberries from Watsonville, CA and Coke Farm Meyer lemons with Novo Fogo cachaҫa and finished with wild foraged mint.

Brain Dead's Cherimoya Sannam Chili Lime

Peak-season cherimoya from Rincon Tropics, Guntur Sannam chili from Diaspora Co. and lime from Bernard Ranches. Infused with a Kush flower rosin from Hudson Hemp.

This is a tripped-out tropical cocktail of a Delight. An exclusive collaboration between Rose Delights and Brain Dead.

Chef Natasha Pickowicz for Gossamer

Layering juicy and sweet peak-season Brokaw Ranch kiwi with a satiny-tart ribbon of oro blanco grapefruit from Bernard Ranches family-run farm, Chef Natasha’s recipe offers a sparkling and almost savory antidote to the proliferation of too-sweet edibles with a bright burst of celery from Catalan Family Farm. The flavor profile is evocative of the breezy summer nights to come. 

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