Chef Natasha Pickowicz for Gossamer (Sour Space Candy)

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Chef Natasha Pickowicz for Gossamer 
Kiwi Oro Blanco Grapefruit
Infused with Hudson Hemp Sour Space Candy

Introducing our new limited-edition CBD Delights made with Gossamer and three-time James Beard Award nominee chef Natasha Pickowicz. Layering juicy and sweet peak-season Brokaw Ranch kiwi with a satiny-tart ribbon of oro blanco grapefruit from Bernard Ranches family-run farm, Chef Natasha’s recipe offers a sparkling and almost savory antidote to the proliferation of too-sweet edibles with a bright burst of celery from Catalan Family Farm. The flavor profile is evocative of the breezy summer nights to come.